[i] launches it's first investment hair accessory item

NEW [i] The label of everyone, because everyone is i

We are proud to announce that [i] launches it's first investment fashion piece: Our [i] 100% oversized mulberry silk scrunchie in color: Sand

[i] is founded by Iris Poldervaart. As a fashion lover her dream was to launch a high quality label with limited items. With the launch of [i] she hopes her designs will contribute to the 'buy less choose well' mindset for women worldwide.

[i] wants to design unique (limited) pieces that are created with love for fashion, shape and quality over quantity. A piece that will be part of your wardrobe for a few years. High quality fabric and a non-seasonal aestetic clean style, all being key elements in all [i] designs.

All fashion items are uniquely designed by Iris and will be offered in limited drops. [i] is a small company, not starting with a large collection. The opposite is the idea. With social media being a game changer in the fashion industry [i] believes there is a need to involve the client in the design process, learn from them about what they want and need. In order to be involved you need to follow or instagram account @i_wear_i

About [i]

[i] is an elegant non-seasonal womenswear label from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We believe investing in high quality fashion items that will go with your wardrobe throughout all seasons.